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Italy Aquarely Permanent Hair Colour Cream Ultra Reds 100ml

Brand: Italy
Product Code: ITPHCCUR
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Italy Aquarely Permanent Hair Colour Cream Ultra Reds 100ml

'Acquerello' is Italian for water colour and Aquarely is named after this technique of painting known for it’s freedom, vibrancy and ease of use. IT&LY have produced an extensive spectrum of permanent hair colour with stories of chic beige, fiery reds, rich chocolate shades, cool violet colours that cover greys perfectly. While accent additions provide expert, correction, customisation and control.

IT&LY stylists are hair artists with a palette of colours and tools at their fingertips to create refined, delicate or bold effects, using free hand methods like balayage or uniform creations with foiling.

However you choose to work with broad strokes or a light hand, Aquarely will deliver confidence and excitement to your bespoke colour for every client.

Permanent Hair Colour Cream Exclusive permanent colour formulated with innovative micro-emulsified nano-pigments able to penetrate further into the stem, with a low content of ammonia and Wheat Proteins that restructure the hair, leaving it soft, hydrated and shiny. The Intense Red tones, from Copper to Purple, to enhance the sensuality of the face.  Intense, fiery and vibrant colours that lead to a completely customizable service, to make your shade of red unique and special. The colour will be vibrant and will last longer. Perfect grey coverage. 3,38 fl oz tube available in 6 shades including a Red Booster.  Dilution 1:1,5 with Aquarely Oxydizing Emulsion.

Tube size 100ml

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